Cretan Diet

The Cretan diet is not just a variety of dishes laid on the table. It comprises a whole philosophy of life and represents the lifestyle of the Cretan people. In the Cretan culture food plays a central role.

The unique Cretan Diet is a healthy and tasty diet with centuries-old recipes and modern creative versions, which are always cooked, of course, with the same top quality pure products of the blessed Cretan earth. This diet is not just a variety of dishes presented on the table; it embodies a whole philosophy of life, the quality way of life of the Cretan people. The lucky ones that will visit the modern restaurants in the cities or the small taverns and cafes in the country will have wonderful experiences, participating in the life of the local people.

In our area there are small taverns where you can find some traditional cretan dishes. When you arrive we will give you a map of village Episkopis’s area where you can see all the shops, taverns etc.

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Villa Agapi